Advises companies on all matters related to the legal and operational functioning of thereof. Makes all arrangements for the establishment, incorporation or acquisition of companies, and in the case of acquisitions, mergers, alliances and joint ventures, GE & A assists clients from initial period of negotiations to conclude the process. In the execution of these services, its t the commitment and task of this law firm and consultancy services ensuring compliance with legal formalities in order to keep companies, and make suggestions on structural modifications to make them more efficient against new scenarios. Internationally - GE & A - provides legal and business counseling and transactions, as well as trade and investment operations in the Dominican Republic, and through its international links, ensuring the possibility to incorporate companies anywhere in the world.

Offers solutions for civil, commercial, criminal, taxation litigation and it covers all aspects of judicial and extrajudicial controversies in court, offices and government agencies, as well as conciliation, mediation and arbitration, against public and private entities.

Directs and organizes the documentation required for the sale of property, subdivision and demarcation of land, mortgaging, property management, sales and rentals, and all kinds of real estate transaction.

Assists companies in the areas relating to labor relations, social security, including negotiation, drafting, signing and registration of contracts of employment, evaluation of employee benefits and other compensation and benefits, human resource planning, termination of employment contracts; negotiation, discussion and conclusion of collective contracts, assistance in labor disputes and registration and compulsory insurance quotes and accident policy, among other activities.

Assists and advises clients on issues of marriage contracts, divorce, separation agreements, property, custody, adoption and child custody, wills and donations, as well as to all matters relating to family property. In addition, GE & A provides services in estate planning and Probate.

Manages all aspects concerning migration laws, including residence permits, work permits and obtaining citizenship.

Manages customer parcels related to the collection of debts, saving you time and money.

Assists clients in matters relating to patents, utility models, trademarks, industrial designs and copyright. Advises on international contracts, distribution agreements, agency, commission agents and importers protection of goods and products, and provides legal assistance for technology transfer contracts, franchise or license, technical or administrative assistance.

Advise and inform clients on all regulatory and contractual aspects of law relating to leasing and factoring, credit cards, among others, as well as facilitating domestic and international credit information on loans and securities offerings, and everything related to the creation of Investment Funds.

Assists and advises on tax projections and auditing while managing processes and transactions for tax violations, analyzes and suggests strategies related to tax risks.

Have professional services experience and expertise in counseling for the field of telecommunications, broadcasting and multimedia resources.

Ensures constant monitoring and counseling of existing rules on environmental issues, or related, directly or indirectly with them.